Family room

Room Details

  • Guests: 6
  • Room Size: 34 - 48 m²
  • Bed Size(s): 2 Hästens / Auping eenpersoons, 2 kinderbedden / tweepersoons slaapbank

Your family hotel on Vlieland!

Are you looking for a family oriented hotel on Vlieland for the whole family? Here at Badhotel Bruin there’s no chance for the kids to get bored. In our cozy family rooms, the kids get their very own sleeping place and fun play-area. There’s already a teddy bear in each little bed to give them a warm welcome when you arrive. When the kids go to bed, you can relax in the living room. 

During the day the kids can enjoy themselves in the cheery and colourful hotel kids’ playroom. In the garden adjoining, you can enjoy the sunshine. Older kids can go to the library and surround themselves with books, Wi Fi and movies. The wellness center offers a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. In case you were looking forward to spending the evening with just the two of you… Not a problem! We will guard the baby-phone.