Your dog on your room

Taking your dog to Vlieland & Badhotel Bruin

Vlieland is a paradise for dogs and their owners. Miles of beaches, endless space and lots of hiking trails for you and your four-legged friend! Dogs are welcome in the hotel, but not in all rooms, as most rooms are carpeted. We do have 6 apartments with balcony or terrace, where your dog has plenty of space. He gets a dog cushion, food and water bowl and a bone on arrival. So you do not have to drag all that along on the boat. The cost per night is € 22,50. On request we also have a crate for you.

Frequently asked questions about taking the dog to Vlieland

Are dogs allowed on Vlieland?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Vlieland. No different rules apply than in the rest of the Netherlands. Do pay attention to local instructions. Not every hotel or restaurant allows dogs. In Badhotel Bruin they are.

Is there a dog beach on Vlieland?

Yes, the entire beach of Vlieland is a dog beach. Dogs are allowed to run loose on Vlieland's beach all year round.

Are dogs allowed to roam freely on Vlieland?

Dogs are allowed to roam freely on the beach as in the eastern part of Vlieland including the forest around the village.
In the village itself, dogs must be leashed as in the nature area in the western part of Vlieland (this is indicated by signs).

Is there a cleanup requirement for dog waste?

Yes and no, within the built-up area there is a duty to clean up excrement. Near the many waste containers there are often bollards with dog poop bags. On the beach and in the nature reserve there is no clean-up obligation.

Is there a dog hotel on Vlieland?

No, there was once a dog hotel on Vlieland but unfortunately it has closed. However, you are welcome with your dog at Badhotel Bruin.

Can you take your dog on the boat to Vlieland?

Yes, the dog is even allowed on the boat for free. There are areas where the dog is not allowed due to allergies. Officially, the dog must be leashed or transported in a crate or bag. See the shipping company's website for more information.

Are there dog-friendly restaurants in Vlieland?

Of course, our restaurant is very dog friendly. But also other restaurants usually do not bother. When in doubt, we advise you to call.

Can you rent a bike trailer for your dog?

Yes on Vlieland there are several bike rental companies that rent out trailers or cargo bikes with security. On Vlieland.Site you will find an overview of all bike rental companies (Dutch).

What hiking trails with the dog do you recommend on Vlieland?

Anyway, the beach is a nice place to walk the dog. But Vlieland has 12 official hiking trails that are wonderful to walk with the dog. You can find them on the Staatsbosbeheer website (only in Dutch).

Are there dog-friendly accommodations in Vlieland?

Yes there are many accommodations in Vlieland where you can stay with the dog. Of course also with us: click here for an overview of our rooms.

The website has made a complete overview (Dutch only).

Dogs are welcome in the rooms below

Your dog(s) is welcome in our apartments and Library suite.