Activities Vlieland

There is plenty to do in Vlieland

Our staff knows the island from east to west and is happy to advise you! Bureau Vlieland offers a calendar with an overview of all the activities such as blokarting, laser gaming, walks, water sports and various excursions which you can book online.

Ultimate beach day

Decide for yourself which activities you will do! Longbow Shooting, Power Kiting, Wave Surfing, Boot Camp, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), Surf Rafting, Surf Canoeing, Beach Golf, Beach Tennis, Ax Throwing, Kubb etc.

Horse riding in Vlieland

Horseback riding in Vlieland is magical. From the back of a horse you will experience the vast landscape in a unique way. The Manège de Seeruyter provides outdoor rides, walking ponies for the little ones, among other things.


In a tricycle buggy with tarpaulin you drive at a speed of 10 to perhaps 70 kilometers per hour over Vlieland's most beautiful beaches. The sport is accessible to everyone, young, old, sporty or not, fearful or full of guts!

Treasure hunt Vlieland

Wander across the island with the Treasure Hunt Vlieland. Look for tips and clues. Solve surprising questions. You have never seen Vlieland like this before!

Seals tour

Your visit to Vlieland is not complete without a seal tour with the Geus, Vlielander or Northern Diver. With these super-fast rubber boats (40 miles per hour) you can get to know the nature around Vlieland. It is a true experience for young and old.

Sports Center Flidunen

You can go to the swimming pool of Sportcentrum Flidunen for both recreational and lap swimming. During the holiday periods, activities are regularly organized in the sports hall for people of all ages.

Beer tasting

During a tour of Fortuna Vlieland you will get to know the brewer. He explains why Vlieland is so unique as a place to brew beer. You will receive information about the brewing process and the secret recipes of our Fortuna Vlieland beers. We conclude with a tasting and a view over the dunes and the sea.

Bicycle rental

You only really get to know Vlieland by bike. We work together with bicycle rental Zeelen, you will receive a 10% discount when you stay with us and rent a bicycle at Zeelen. For example, bike to the Posthuys and return to the village via the dunes.

The Northwestern

No, this is not mudflat hiking, this is really something special! Just walk on the seabed of the Unesco World Heritage The Wadden Sea and discover which animals and plants live on and at the bottom! During this trip you will be explained why the mudflats are such a special nature reserve.

Vliehors Expres

The Vliehors Express takes you by truck to the western tip of the island. From there you can see Texel well and you can often spot seals! There is also a tour of the rescue house, which is now a small beachcombing museum.

Cheese bunker

On the highest dune of Vlieland, deep underground, there is a former drinking water bunker that we have been using since 2015 for the ripening of our special organic Vlielander Bunker cheeses. The cheese bunker can be visited through our video tour. You descend into the bunker on your own and get to taste different cheeses.

Tuk Tuk tour

We take you along many beautiful places on the island. Our expert driver/guide tells beautiful island stories. A variety of birds, Scottish highlanders, soay sheep, goats, not to mention the beautiful views with the ever-changing cloud structure passing by. There is a lot to discover and to photograph.